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Monday, April 19, 2010


I have a confession to make.....my heart is about to burst. We received Travel Approval on my birthday, April 5th. First the travel date was April 29th the very next day it was changed to May 6th. My son has been waiting for 4yr and 10 months for his forever family but this small delay has kicked me in the gut. I have shut down the image of my son waiting and waiting is more than my heart can stand. Every few hours it hits me between the eyes, he is coming home to stay. At the Davis house, bed time is crazy with all the kisses and hugs. Ian has never had a Mom to tuck him into bed or hold him when his is afraid. I have been praying he will have peace and know that we are now his family.

The only cool thing about this wait......Rhonda is meeting me in China and traveling to his province. Rhonda is my cousin that is more like my sister. Her family has been living in Indonesia for the last few years. Just like a McLendon to have to go all the way to China to have dinner with family.


  1. It's almost here! Hang in there, soon he'll be home to stay.

  2. I can imagine how you feel! But soon...you will be hugging your little guy! Hang in there! I can't wait for THOSE pictures!


  3. Max didn't wait nearly as long but I can totally relate. Every minute extra our kids have to wait for us and us for them is torture. I'm so glad you will be with him soon! Can't wait to see pictures.

  4. I know that is hard for you, but remember Gods timing is perfect, and in no time you will be holding you sweetie! Relish you time being a Mom to two, since soon you will be a Mom to THREE, (which is three times as great).

    Hugs to you...hang on, almost there! Easy for me to say, right???

  5. {{{Hugs}}} I know what it means to be so close yet so far away. I am sorry that your travel was pushed back. Totally not fair, I agree. But, you will be there soon. You will have him in your arms soon, giving him lost of hugs. Hugs...

  6. Hang in there girl, its almost time.