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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a Month......will get ya!!!!

Ian has been home for one month and what a wild moth it has been. Here is a list of first that Little Man has experienced.

1) Plane ride from Hell....what a little trooper. If he was afraid he never let that stop the adventure.

2) Instant Family! Baba and Sissy and Tommy were waiting at the airport. Ian was shy but jumped right into the mix.

3) BIG DOG.....we had a week of baby gates. The BIG dog and boy are now friends.

4) We really love our church family for many reasons, mostly for the wonderful welcome they have given our son. Ian and Tommy are in the same Sunday School class and went two nights VBS. I watch with great pride and joy my children running and playing on the last night VBS.

5) The teachers at Primrose are the best!!!!! Ian says "School Rocks" every morning when we get our of the car. We had planned to start him off slowly a few hours a day...day 2...running around playing like had been there for his whole life.

6)Little Man turned 6 on June 1st..NiNi and Papa gave him a bike and he never wants to get off the things. The smile on his face just melts my heart. Tommy and Ian have also worked out tricycle chauffeur schedule...check out the pictures.

7) The name game has been fun. ZhiKang now calls himself Ian...mixed emotions about this one. ZhiKang....what a cool name.

8)LOVE....week 2 Little Man got in my face. Ian pointed at me and said MaMa and then pointed at himself and said Ian. What came next??? I LOVE YOU

We have blessed with three easy adoptions. Not saying there wasn't any bumps!! the three are now sleeping in the same room. We hope to move McKenna back to her pad in the next week or two. Little Man hides all kind of things under his pillow..toys,pictures and books. We explained to McKenna and Tommy that Ian has never had his own things or a safe place to keep them. Under his bed is all kind of bags with paper and other secret treasures. All the kids now have special photo albums....Ian loves to show us pictures of his other family.

The boys had the Big doctor visit.....surgery for both this September. Tommy will only need tweaking and new ear tubes. Ian on the other hand, poor Little Man will be in the hospital for a few days. The To-Do list is long and will he HARD CORE. The good news....NO hearing loss!! The boys will be scheduled the same day...Dr. Burstein rocks and we trust him with boys' future.

McKenna starts first grade this year!!!!!! What a cool girl....smart and funny....YES...mini me in the attitude department. This girl changes her clothes four or more times a day. McKenne has a big crush on Mr. Ken her Sunday school teacher ( Ashley if you hadn't married him she was going to ask him) This year she started AWANA and we have to thank all the teachers....but Mr. Mike and Mrs. Meredith have shown Gods' love and mercy to my daughter. My kids fight for who will say the blessing...(Ian has learned to say grace from Primrose and already takes his turn) and we know that McKenna has been guided by M&M .....Thank You

Tommy....I love this Dude! I must admit we were concerned he would have problems with his new position as Brother to ZhiKang. We have to tell them to stop laughing every night and go to sleep.......they are buds for life. Tommy also has a crush on Ms. Cindy, his speech therapist...he likes blonds that give him candy. Both boys will have Ms. Cindy
twice a week....Thank you Ms. Cindy

My cousin Rhonda was with for the first week in China. Words can't come close to the support and lave she gave Ian and myself. She shared precious moments with me and Ian....you have no idea what this women means to me!!!! I LOVE YOU RHONDA ...IAN LOVES YOUR!!!! REALLY

China...traveling without my husband .....the good and bad.
1) He missed seeing our sons face when Rhonda and I entered the room,

2) I remembered the women inside me that loves adventure....good

3) Chris and the Detail Man and I'm...well...stink at details

4) Tommy and McKenna....NO PROBLEMS...good

The best case is both parents travel together but when you have to make a call it's doable. My one travel tip.....buy everything you need for baby in China. Ian just turned five and wears 2T shorts and 4T tops....not one thing fit I brought with me. Laundry service cost me $125 a week...take clothes that dry fast and do it yourself. The construction in China is crazy....apparently due to the Asian Games......and Keens are now my favorite shoes.

A few people question if we are done adopting? Chris would need oxygen and lots of drugs and still would tell you now way in hell. My husband support me in many ways but another child would push him over the edge. I love the sound of laughing children and the crazy schedule......JUST SAYING HONEY!!!!


  1. So glad to hear your month has been a good one, ours has been pretty amazing also.
    And now on to the rest of our lives with these great kids!

  2. I am also happy to hear things are going so well. It's always scary not knowing what the adjustment will be like, so I'm always glad when I hear positive experiences. I hope it keeps going well for your family. Post some more pics when you get a chance :)

  3. I'm so glad to hear your update and hear that Ian is doing sooo well! What a precious boy. I love that my Max knows him and said his name when he saw his picture. It's wonderful for me to know a piece of his background and know that his friend ZhiKang has his forever family now too. I'm so glad God gave us these kids!
    -Laura Parker