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I have dyslexia, so you may find words misspelled, reversed, or even missing occasionally. I am doing the best I can so please don't hold it against me!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Other Man..

Thomas McConnell has the best smile in the world with chubby cheeks and dimples. He is my snuggle bunny and has been Momma's boy from day one. The first few hours with Tommy were typical he was scared and mad all rolled in a pint sized package. I remember getting down on the floor with him and looking him straight in the eyes and whispering...you are my son and whatever you throw at me will never make me stop loving you! The grieving didn't stop but the trust between us started that night. Tommy got his giggle box turned on (my nick name growing up was giggle box) and laughed for an hour, Chris went in the other room to sleep on the floor. I can be in another room and hear that laugh and a smile comes across my face and my heart is lightened. Tommy and I had a special day Wednesday...Mommy & Tommy Date!!!! We discussed for days what we would do.. a picnic and the park. Macaroni, chicken and juice were on the menu and Wilshire Park was the place. All the years dreaming about being a mother never came close to the LOVE that I have for this child. My heart aches knowing he will face many hardships with his speech and not fitting into the mold the world had designed. My Children have been placed in my care....God has got my back??


  1. sounds like a great day! LOVE those pictures, beautiful! His smile touches me as well :o)

  2. He's so cute!

    And, of course, God does have your back.

  3. Sounds like a beautiful day...and a precious little boy.