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Thursday, March 4, 2010

McKenna's Big Adventure

With travel to China getting so close I have started spending alone time with the kids. When we returned home with Tommy his sister was VERY mad at Mommy. Now she tells me how afraid that we would not return, it took months for the trust to return. We have girl time about once a week. Most of the time we just talk and snuggle and it seems to really help her communicate what is going on inside her heart and head. I have finally started the China Mommy conversations. I'm so thankful for both on my kids birth parents for making the difficult choices. Somewhere in China is a woman that must be a lot like me......nature or nurture...my daughter is just like me!! We had our big day Saturday and it started with getting our nails done. I now have matching HOT PINK toes and McKenna has blue with flowers. We went shopping and lunch and came home and snuggled and watched Cat in the Hat...Let's just say.....HATED IT!! Where has the time gone, she will turn 6 on July 4th and it seems just a few moments have passed. I love this girl, she rocks in every way....she loves to sing and dance and play outside with her brother. I have one prayer for my beautiful daughter, that she will overcome the hours of terror she experienced and become a strong confident women. When people say things like she was just a baby she can't remember...THEY ARE SO WRONG. My daughter is one of the strongest people I know....she is a pure joy but she has a dark place that only time can heal. I pray every day to be a loving and strong Mother.....my kids make it very easy.

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