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Monday, March 8, 2010


We had the privilege of meeting the most incredible you woman at Hand in Hand. Her name is Melissa and she is a Korean adoptee that has found her birth family. Listening to her journey to find her place in this world brought up all find of fears for my own daughter. I have said the before, my children saved my life not the other way around. I was shallow with no purpose or direction the God placed these beautiful children in my care and ROCKED my world. Melissa spoke about the racism she faced in her own family (both families)....not belonging to either cultures or being lost for self. Typing this is very difficult, no mother wants her child to feel such pain or loss...tears are flowing just knowing that my daughter could face the same journey. What can I do to make this less painful....NOTHING!! I want to stand in her stead and take this all from her and fill in the blanks with love. I can't. This is not my job...my job is to give her tools and support. I can remember my own mother telling me if she could only take the pain away she would. This strong young woman bared herself to us so that we will do better than those that adopted before us. I don't want my daughter or sons to feel they have to choose between China Parents or American Parents. I would like some day to have the privilege of knowing them. Melissa found that she was not abandoned but her birth mother relinquished her rights...in other words she gave her up for adoption. I now think we will not tell McKenna she will have NO hope but the odds are not in her favor. I didn't sleep at all thinking that maybe her story is not what we have been told but something very different. I learned last night that love is just not enough for my girl....so this is my promise to Keen-that wherever this leads God and I will walk each step with her.......God Bless You Melissa


  1. Beautiful! I worry about it too. I hope I am wise enough to meet Lilly where ever she is in her adoption journey emotionally.

  2. I can tell you that as the adoptive mom of a 21 year old son from Korea, there are so many issues they face along the way that just don't seem that great to us because we know we love them, but it's very real to them and not easy...racism is definitely one of them! Great post!